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Eyelash Growth Serum


With vitamins, minerals, and a scientifically proven peptide to stimulate & nourish eyelashes.
Your eyes play an important part of how you and others see yourself. Lovely lashes really can help you look younger and lovelier. To realise this, women are now making it a priority in their beauty and skin care routine.
The best way to help eyes look their best is to enhance the lashes. Long, thick, and dark lashes will make your eyes look bigger and enhance your lovely eye colour making you feel more glamorous and confident.

Our eyelashes grow at a 4 to 8 week cycle. It is important that the hair follicle anagen growth phase lasts long enough to ensure the best and strongest lashes. Otherwise they could grow more slowly, weaker, and thinner. Thinning lashes is often genetic and more frequent as we grow older. Hormonal and autoimmune conditions can also be responsible. But there are steps that you can take for healthy lashes that look better and longer. Just like the rest of our body eyelashes need vitamins and nourishment to keep them strong and healthy. This serum targets the lash hairs and follicles during the anagen phase providing not only antioxidants and vitamins but a new proven peptide to help stimulate lashes to grow thicker and longer and look really gorgeous.

Firstly, remember that our hair, including eyelashes, is primarily made with the protein Keratin.
PROVEN. Significantly stimulates Keratin genes responsible for densified eyelashes.
PROVEN. Improves overall eyelash density by 66% in 4 weeks.
PROVEN. Induced genes are expressed all over the inner root sheath.
PROVEN. Increases both the density and thickness of eyelashes.

MYRISTYL PENTAPEPTIDE-17: A unique peptide scientifically proven to help eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and lovelier by boosting the hairs Keratin content.
CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE. (Vitamin B5): Helps repair, strengthen, and promote growth of weak, damaged hair.
INOSITOL: Acts as a humectant helping to keep lashes moisturised.
VITAMINS A & E: Powerful, natural anti oxidants to protect and help enhance the health, strength and growth of hair.
N.B. No growth hormones or animal derived ingredients and not tested on animals.

THEN ADD… Let fluid absorb where applied but avoid getting it into the eyes.
If you wear contact lenses, remove them before application. Do not rub the eyes after applying.
For perfect results, you must use every night. For eyebrow growth apply everyday where necessary.

5ml bottle with applicator brush in box

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