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Image of Grape Extracts Lotion 150ml

Grape Extracts Lotion 150ml


APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES: This lotion is a real treasure of freshness and
hydration for the skin. At the same time helping to limit damage caused by destructive free radicals and prevent premature skin ageing. Thanks to its pleasant grape fragrance the application is a moment of pure pleasure. Skin is kept refreshed and hydrated.

VINE LEAF EXTRACT: Rich in flavonoids to protect from and prevent free radical
EXTRACT FROM WINE ITSELF: Its anti-oxidant effect reduces premature skin
SODIUM HYALURONATE: This hydrating ingredient maintains the level of water in
the superficial layers of the skin.
COLLAGEN: To keep skin firm and healthy.
GREEN TEA & LOTUS ESSENTIAL OILS: Fresh fragrance with antioxidant properties.

APPLICATION: Apply morning and night after cleansing or anytime to refresh and