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Image of Initial Youth Serum 30ml

Initial Youth Serum 30ml

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For skins showing the first signs of ageing.

Texture: a fluid serum that penetrates quickly.
The result of marine biotechnology, this serum regenerates skin tissues for a correction of emerging wrinkles. Formulated from christe marine stem cells and hyaluronic acid, this concentrate protects the skin, smoothes the features and evens out the complexion.
Results : Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out, the complexion is radiant. The skin is plumped up, protected, it looks visibly younger. It is revitalised and radiates youth.

Algo3 Complex: Gulf Stream Seawater, to remineralise skin. Chondrus Crispus for
further hydration. Alaria Esculenta an anti-oxidant to protect from free radicals. A Selection of all natural Sea Plant extracts containing Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant
comprising 100% of the key ingredients.
Native cells of Christe Marine: Exceptional properties of survival Halophilic plant
Moisturising : Proven Results: High moisturising power, immediate effect and long time. Moisturising increased by 133.8% during more than 2 hours.
Regenerating : Cells restructuration of the last epidermal layer. Cutaneous barrier
regeneration: maintenance of moisturising, proctection from the environment.
Pelvetia canaliculata Brown seaweed: Redensifying : Proven Results: components of the extra cell matrix increased by 25% and 19% of the production of hyaluronic acid. The skin is plumped up.
Energising : Proven Results: energy skin cells increases by 25% to synthesize new molecules. Anti Aging : Proven Results: Wrinkles reduction noticed by
92% of the consumers. Fines lines reduction noticed by 96% of the consumers. 100% of the consumers notice that they have a smoother skin.
Biotechnological extract of Malt : Restructuring : Re-activate the synthesis of laminine (anchorage protein of the epidermis to the dermis) Compensate the difference between a young skin and a mature skin at 65% Better diffusion of the nutrients toward the epidermis Tensing effect on the Dermal-Epidermal Junction
Vitamine E: Anti-oxidant : fights free radicals
Hyaluronic Acid: Anti Aging. The molecule stimulates the collagen production to fill
wrinkles. Perfectly hydrating.
Pearlescent particles: Lightening action

Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed skin followed by your treatment cream.