Image of Neck & Bust Treatment Gel 125ml

Neck & Bust Treatment Gel 125ml


Neck, Décolletage and Bust skin are just as visible as facial skin. Perhaps even more so as woman’s clothes become more and more revealing. Frequently however they are badly neglected while the sun, pollution, fragrances etc attack and damage the exposed skin creating unattractive pigmentations, dry scaly skin and
uneven discoloration including redness and particularly on the V line of dresses etc. As with good facial moisturisers this problem can be avoided and even reversed before it’s too late.

A light silky, creamy gel formulated with a broad spectrum of ingredients in a unique skin delivery system that quickly penetrates the skin ensuring that it firms, nourishes and hydrates while preserving or renewing this fragile area.
The secret of a pretty and shapely bust resides in the tone and elasticity of the skin and muscles supporting it.
While the neck and décolletage skin becomes well cared for, day after day a supple and toned bust is revealed.
Because it can then release oil soluble and water soluble ingredients into the skin. And a gel lasts for longer in the skin than a cream.

Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) & Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) & Vitamin E (Tocopherol): These could well be the most vital anti-oxidants to diminish free radical damage to the skin caused by chemical pollution. Furthermore scientific evidence shows that when Vitamin C is applied it can inhibit UVA and UVB radiation induced damage. Vitamins are more effective when combined with other
vitamins than when applied separately. A deficiency leads not only to internal problems but also to skin damage.
Vitamin B3 (Calcium D-Pantothenate and Inositol): For its beneficial effect on skin.
Linoleic Acid & Biotin: Essential for a normal, healthy skin.
Grapeseed Oil: Contains a high ratio of lipids (nourishing skin oils). It belongs to the group of linolenic oils (omega-6) which regenerate the skin cells so as to restructure the tissues and protect the skin. Its serious anti-oxidant properties are well known in helping fight the effects of aging.
Collagen: Natural skin collagen is diminished with aging, sun exposure etc particularly in the neck, bust and décolletage areas. This added collagen compensates by intensely hydrating and firming skin.

Apply once or preferably twice daily to the entire dried neck, décolletage and bust area and preferably after bath or shower. Smooth gently until fully absorbed from the breasts working up to the chin. A sunblock SPF30+ is essential during the day if spending any time outside.

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