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Image of Purifying Toner 250ml

Purifying Toner 250ml


For all skin types particularly dry.

A lightly coloured naturally fragranced clear toner. A unique combination of beautiful natural extracts.

HAMAMALAS VIRGINIANA: A powerful astringent to keep skin free from excess oil (ie. Witch hazel)
WHITE WILLOW BARK: Clears congested pores, excess oil and dead skin cells.
ALOE VERA: Gives dry skin or dehydrated skin a boost of moisture.
pH ADJUSTED PURIFIED WATER: Restores pH of skin to its optimal level of 4.8 to 6 therefore protecting if from damage and premature ageing.
CUCUMBER & NEROLI FRAGRANCE: Helps to calm skin and sebaceous glands so as to control the production of oil and shine.
APPLICATION: Apply to face morning and night or whenever necessary. Leave on or gently dry and
then if necessary apply your usual skincare.

Image of Purifying Toner 250ml