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Image of Zove Silk Face Mask

Zove Silk Face Mask

$24.00 — On sale

Extra Breathable 100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

Maskne isn't our best friend; nor is she yours. This thoughtfully designed face mask is uber lightweight, sooooft and breathable. We've been through enough in 2020, why not treat your skin to something she deserves this summer? Studies have shown that silk creates 43% less friction on average than cotton.

A breathable, reusable, comfortable alternative for all your masking needs. Kind to the environment, kinder to your skin! Are you ready to say goodbye to Maskne?


3 Layered Silk Face Mask / Face Covering: Top & Bottom Layer (100% Mulberry Silk), Inner Layer (Replaceable Carbon Filter - 1 Included with Each Silk Mask)
Extra Soft & Breathable 100% Mulberry Silk
Silk Mask is Reusable & Can Be Washed After Each Wear, Replaceable Carbon Filter Can Be Used Up to 24 Hours
Flexible Nose Bridge Strip (helps prevent your glasses from fogging!)
Adjustable Straps For Comfort & More Accurate Fit
Extra Fabric On Both Nose & Under Chin For Protection
Regular Fit: 24 x 15 cm, Small Fit: 19 x 12 cm (images attached). We Recommend Regular Fit for Adults. Small Fit for Younger Teens.
Note: These are Non-Medical Grade & Are Not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Image of Zove Silk Face Mask Image of Zove Silk Face Mask