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Goddess Pencil

$21.00 - $33.00
On Sale

The Goddess Pencil is a creamy, water-resistant liner that delivers long wearing, richly pigmented colour with the added benefits of organic Moringa Oil. This unique, award-winning formulation is 100% cruelty-free, ethically sourced and ideal for sensitive eyes. The smudge tip allows you to double as an eye shadow.

Bronze Amulet is a subtle metallic Bronze tone.
Charcoal Obsidian created with micro-pigments of Steel Blue.
Emerald Tabula is a deep Emerald shade with a matte finish.
Jewel Amethyst is a deep Purple Amethyst shade with micro-glitter pigments.
Lazuli Blue delivers a flash of vibrant Electric Blue.
Nubian Brown is a matte deep Velvet Brown.
Sahara Nude is a creamy matte Nude shade applied to the waterline and inner eye.
Scarab Sapphire is a spark of Indigo Blue.
Selenite White is a White used for the waterline and inner eye.
Serpentine is a fusion of Dark Olive pigments and ancient Gold and Green micro shimmer.
Smokey Black is Jet Black.
Teal Malachite is a metallic formula of ancient Teal

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